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Other people mentioned that Kanie Seiya, from Amagi Brilliant Park, sounds a lot like Kanye Seiya. So I got a bit curious…

Seiya (西也) is written with the kanji for west, so he is literally Kanye West. That explains is narcissism I guess.

But that’s not all.

Latifa Fleuranza is Queen Latifah (duh).

Kanye’s sister’s name is Kyuubu Aisu = Ice Cube

Kurisu Takaya, the guy from the second ep, is actually Chris Tucker.

Sento Isuzu, took a while to figure out, but she is supposed to be 50 Cent I think. Sento = Cent and Isuzu means fifty bells it seems.

So basically Amagi Brilliant Park is about Ice Cube’s little brother, Kanye West, who is working together with 50 Cent in order to help Queen Latifah run an amusement park. And then there is Chris Tucker trying to stop them. Yeah…

PREQUEL - Sugita Tomokazu & Nakamura Yuichi - SLF Special Edition



  • スパロボOG うますぎWAVE」第24回 RADIO
    Sugita mentioned that Nakamura was caught by his fangirl just now…
    Miyazawa: "It was a long time since I saw Nakamura. At least I want to see his picture, I miss him so much"
    Sugita: *proudly take his cell phone* "My screen saver is Nakamura picture!"
Sugita Tomokazu & Nakamura Yuichi - SLF Special Edition



  • Nakamura called Sugita everyday after Japan Earthquake last 2011.
  • The first time Nakamura was living alone by himself, he sadly told Sugita "Sugita… living alone is so lonely…" So Sugita came and then they proceed to living together… for four-five days. After that, Nakamura bluntly told him "Please go back to your own place."

  • Several people said that its common to see Sugita and Nakamura holding hands during event or on regular recording.


  • "Because Nakamura will be here today" —- a female seiyuu asked Sugita out and got turn down by this reason.
  •  Sugita once complained about how Nakamura first time BL ‘H’ partner wasn’t him
  • Sugita Tomokazu invited Nakamura Yuichi to play ‘Monster Hunter’, but left him to take care of the enemy subordinate while Sugita concentrated on defeating the last boss ^^” Several days later, Kamiya Hiroshi complained about the exact same thing also happen to him.


  • Nakamura said that Sugita never talk bad about other people, not even once.
  • When they got into fight, Sugita usually will look less energetic than usual.
  • That was a UST recording, when Sugita told the news along with Nakamura. Sugita’s PSVita was broken so bad it couldn’t be fixed no matter what. Sulking Sugita apparently didn’t really take notice when Nakamura said that he need to go to men’s room.One hour later, Nakamura was back with a new PSVita; he said, “I change your birthday date. So its become today!” and give Sugita the PSVita. It was unbelievable for both Sugita and their fans, of how Nakamura managed to buy PSVita in one hour on LIVE recording no else!

Extra Story of how sweet they are:

Sugita goal eight years ago was to buy two pillows. One to put at his place, and one to put at Nakamura’s place. The reason (taken from Nakamura’s blog) was because he only has one pillow at his place. Whenever Sugita came by to sleepover, Nakamura will fold towel as pillow replacement and give the pillow to Sugita. 


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Sakurai Takahiro’s THE DARK ROAD — Teenage Sakurai Dark Stories
*Warning: Seiyuu are people. If you think that they are perfect even from the day they were born, you better don’t read this. Thank you*
When he was in grade school, he played with daytime firework (「昼花火」— hiru hanabi ) and — accidental or not we never know— burn down the field where he played. He fled because the fire spread, then pretended to be the first person that discover the fire. There was a fuss, but Sakurai acted so surprised and said "Its still noon, so its difficult to see the fire"
He burned the chemistry lab school desk with alcohol and then got kicked out from the Science club in Junior High school.
At his teens, Sakurai often went with his ‘not so good’ friend to camp deep inside Gifu’s mountain range by car, while bring the missile and rocket firework — they fired and shot the other camp nearby, also bombarded the person who go to toilet with missiles. 
Ran Away — Realizing that the fuel inside their car wasn’t enough to go home, he stole the gasoline from other car nearby and put it in their car. 
At Koganei City drug store, he purposely kicked the canned food display rack in the front store. He then proceed to hide at nearby building until the fuss gone. 
He stole vegetable from unguarded farm. Not specify how many times.
At his first part time job at izakaya (Japanese bar) he used the beer jug to hit one of the customer’s neck and got fired after that.
On his part time job as insect terminator, he was so disgusted by the sight of actual worms… and quit after one day (he ran away)
There was tenant who moved from his apartment building, Sakurai attempted to steal TV from the mover’s truck and got caught by the neighbor’s aunty. 
When he was a student, he threw his porn magazine out from train’s window. Panic occurred and the train was stopped after that. 
At Atami. He ordered chocolate ice cream while his companion wanted vanilla. The waitress then repeated the order, “So, its two vanilla right?” Sakurai straight away stormed out, glared at the waitress then kicked the front counter! Again and again…. thats the way he used to complain.
Funny story, now whenever Sakurai looks upset, his close friends will teased him with “Sakurai, please don’t kick the counter~”
Pyromania. Lying. Stealing. Violence. Attempted Crime. Irresponsible. And very very short temper….
All that he used to be, gone with time, grow up and became an amazing person that a lot of people love, respect and adore. 
13/06/14. Happy 40th Birthday, Sakurai san, all the best for you :)