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angeliclies sent: Where did you get the photoshoot images of Suwabe Junichi that you used for these graphics? cerraazizi. tumblr. com/post/52140982509 Thank you!

Hi, I found the images when I was browsing through the suwabe junichi tag here on Tumblr. :)

Imagine your icon…


Imagine your icon placing you on his/her lap and refusing to let you go for the rest of the evening, while kissing your neck and whispering sweet nothings in your ear.


7/13 - Organization XIII graphics - [x]

So apparently, Suwabe once auditioned for the role of Kakashi (Naruto) but when he found out that he didn’t get the role and that it went to Inoue Kazuhiko instead, his response was, “Ah, of course it’d be him~!”